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  • Prior Authorization Webinar

    The Prior Authorization (PA) Webinar is intended to educate Texas Medicaid and Children with Special Health care Needs (CSHCN) Services Program providers on prior authorization guidelines, processes, requirements, and tools available for submitting prior authorizations.

    • Path
    • Duration 20m
  • Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women (CPW) Infographic

    The Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women (CPW) Infographic contains a high-level overview on enrollment details, steps for enrollment, and steps for submitting a prior authorization. This document contains clickable hyperlinks that take you to important virtual destinations.

    • PA on the Portal Submission Guide

      The PA on the Portal Submission Guide sets forth the procedures for online prior authorization requests, using the Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership's (TMHP's) Prior Authorization (PA) on the Portal system.

      • Prior Authorization (PA) on the Portal

        The PA on the Portal CBT contains an explanation of the PA process and three simulations that show users how to submit a PA request, check the status of a PA, and how to save a PA as a draft...

        • Path
        • Duration 20m
      • TMHP Portal Security Training Manual

        This training manual provides detailed instructions on administrator and user functions and roles, activating a TMHP User account, managing user accounts and more.

        • Texas Health Steps

          Texas Health Steps CBT contains information on topics that will demonstrate how the Texas health Steps program is building brighter futures by caring for Texas children.

          • Path
          • Duration 50m
        • Accessible PDF: EVV Acronyms

          The EVV Acronyms infographic provides definitions to frequently used acronyms related to Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

          • CSHCN Services Program Training

            The CSHCN Services Program Training presents information that provides new and current CSHCN Services Program providers with an overview of the program.

            • Path
            • Duration 1.1h
          • Ambulance Basics CBT

            The Ambulance Basics CBT contains information for regarding policies and procedures for providing ambulance transports for Medicaid and CSHCN Services Program clients.

            • Path
            • Duration 1.1h
          • Paper Claim Forms

            This CBT discusses procedures and general guidelines for submitting paper claims. This CBT does not discuss electronic claim submission. Refer to the TexMedConnect for Acute Care Providers CBT for information regarding electronic claim submission.

            • Path
            • Duration 47m
          • Crossover Claims

            The Crossover Claims CBT provides an overview of the process for submitting claims and receiving reimbursement when a client has both Medicare and Medicaid.

            • Path
            • Duration 26m
          • Claim Appeals for CSHCN

            The goal of this training is to discuss the various levels of claim appeals and methods for submitting them. In this training, we'll look at three different scenarios involving claim appeals.

            • Path
            • Duration 25m
          • Third Party Liability

            The Third Party Liability (TPL) computer-based training (CBT) educates providers on TPL, identifying other insurance and third party resources (TPRs), and responsibilities for filing claims and reporting other insurance and TPR to TMHP. 

            • Path
            • Duration 29m
          • Remittance and Status Report

            The Remittance and Status Report CBT contains information for providers regarding how to access R&S Reports, including a description of the different sections of the R&S Report.for Medicaid and CSHCN Services Program Clients.

            • Path
            • Duration 39m
          • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

            This CBT will introduce providers to the basics of enrolling and providing services and goods as a Medicaid DME provider.

            • Path
            • Duration 1h